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Elizabeth Grooms is a multifaceted circus artist, specializing in aerial silks, while also training a wide variety of aerial apparatuses, partner acrobatics, juggling, and hand balancing. She combines her love for circus with a passion for storytelling through film, interdisciplinary performances, and installation art. Beginning her movement journey with gymnastics as a child, Elizabeth discovered circus as a member of OCircus at Oberlin College where she received a degree in Cinema Studies with a minor in Dance. 


Elizabeth has previously trained at Asa Bela Studio in Bloomington, IN, the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle and Circus Warehouse in New York City. In 2020 she completed the two year, full time Professional Training Program at Aloft Circus Arts in Chicago, IL where she majored in aerial silks and minored in cyr wheel, while also developing a wide range of skills across apparatuses and ensemble building. Previously she worked at Payomet Cirque by the Sea as an instructor, performer, and camp administrator on Cape Cod, MA. Recently she taught and performed at The Aerial House in Los Angeles.


Currently she teaches silks, conditioning, handstands, and flexibility at Ethereal Arts Northwest in Gig Harbor, WA and performs throughout the greater Seattle area. 

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"Elizabeth Grooms is distinctive. In a sea of Aerialists and Ground Performers, she is memorable for her quiet confidence and smooth presentation. Elizabeth has an innate understanding of her lines, what looks great on her body, and unique movement style that's all her own.

Multidisciplinary, she can be relied upon to engage guests in-the-moment at close range while Juggling, and create original works of art in the air that require months of development.

Elizabeth strikes a delicate balance of versatility and specialization."

-Carla Petrulli, owner of CircusWerks Entertainment 

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"Elizabeth is a truly exceptional aerial silks coach. Her positive attitude and belief in her students abilities are infectious. She celebrates every milestone, no matter how small, and her genuine enthusiasm keeps you motivated. Whenever I face challenges or struggles with a new move, she adapts, providing patient guidance and unwavering support. Her encouraging words instill a confidence in me to try new things.
Her creativity and artistry really elevate my performance abilities and give me a new understanding of how things can connect together. If you're seeking a coach who will ignite your passion for aerial silks, guide you with expertise, and empower you to exceed even your own expectations I could not recommend her more."

-Niki Kelly, student

Photo by Ksenia Vasenev


What I’ve Got Going On



We will begin new Youth Intro to Aerial Silks for ages 8-13 and Adult Intro to Aerial Silks classes mid June. 


Registration is not open yet, but stay tuned! 

Email to join the waitlist to be updated when registration opens. 



I also teach a weekly drop in flexibility class for all levels. 


Thursdays 4:30-6pm. 

Sign up at


Photo by Ksenia Vasenev



I'm thrilled to be performing with Wings Aerial Acrobats!


You can find us wowing audiences all over Washington State! This group is made up of incredibly talented aerialists and acrobats at all sorts of events from community festivals, fairs, corporate and private events.



To see our upcoming events or to book us for your event visit









Photo by Dan McCormack 


A huge aspect of my circus practice is teaching. I love sharing the joy of circus by exploring movement, creating community, using the body for storytelling, building strength and mobility, and expanding ideas of what is possible. 

I teach all ages from toddlers, youth, teens and adults. I have completed an Aerial Silks Teacher Training at Asa Bela Studio in Bloomington, IN. In 2019, I completed the Social Circus Instructor Training at CircEsteem in Chicago. Previously I taught toddler circus and youth aerial silks classes at MSA & Circus Arts in Chicago.

 For two summers, I instructed camp and teen and adult aerial classes and acted as head of camp administration at Payomet Performing Arts Center on Cape, Cod, MA.




Currently, I teach circus arts at Ethereal Arts Northwest and children’s gymnastics at Harbor Gymnastics, where I teach pre-school gymnastics and beginning and intermediate tumbling.


My main topic of instruction is aerial silks and especially enjoy fabric theory and creating sneaky and unexpected transitions. In addition to silks I teach hand balancing, partner acrobatics, beginning and intermediate trapeze, rope, and lyra, conditioning, beginning juggling, flexibility, act development and creation. 



CV and workshop descriptions available upon request. 

"A creative life is an amplified life."

-Elizabeth Gilbert
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